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The Tagger Herd: Sadie Tagger (Volume 4)

The Tagger Herd: Sadie Tagger (Volume 4)

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by Gini Roberge

Fourth Book in the Tagger Herd Series: Its branding week at the ranch, Sadie’s favorite time of the year and this is the year she is old enough to help with the cattle roundup. It starts out well...and then... The Tagger Herd is healthy enough for training and a horse meeting is called to decide if each horse is with the right rider in the best discipline for the horse. Scarecrow has been Nora’s responsibility but Sadie loves the big palomino and dreams of barrel racing with her. When Nora’s selfishness drives Sadie over the edge her temper takes over with disastrous consequences

Paperback: 170 pages

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