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Alex & Alexander Set - Books 1 thru 5
Alex & Alexander Set - Books 1 thru 5

Alex & Alexander Set - Books 1 thru 5

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This is a five book set of the Alex and Alexander Series from award-winning author Natalie Keller Reinert, 

First published in 2011, the Alex & Alexander Series explores the hearts and minds of the people who make a living in Thoroughbred horse-racing. Originally beginning with a short novel entitled The Head and Not The Heart, the series was expanded in 2020 to provide a smoother reading experience. 

Author: Natalie Keller Reinert

Paperbacks  Size: 5.25 x  8 inches

The series includes:

1. Runaway Alex (Alex and Alexander Prequel)
2. The Head and Not The Heart - Novella and original Book One.
3. Other People's Horses
4. Claiming Christmas
5. Turning for Home 

Here are the details of each book in the series: 

Runaway Alex (Alex and Alexander Prequel)

359 pages

An All-New Beginning for a Beloved Series

Horse racing isn’t for nice girls like Alex. She’s been told again and again: stick to horse shows, stick to riding lessons, stick to the relative safety of the suburban equestrian center where she has been a working student since grade school.

But Alex can’t shake the conviction that the Thoroughbred life is her destiny.

When her unstable trainer cuts her off from horses, Alex finally has to obey her instinct to run away from the safe version of life. She heads to Ocala, where horse racing is king, with no plan and no leads on jobs. When she meets handsome, successful racehorse trainer Alexander White, she feels an instant connection with him. Could this be her dream come true?

Falling for Alexander and learning to stay on young racehorses all at once: that’s risky business. But it’s a risk Alex is willing to take — until a storm of emotion threatens to founder her new life. Nothing at Alexander’s gorgeous Thoroughbred farm is as simple as it seems, and she’s not the only one lining up for Alexander’s affection — or his horses.

How many times will Alex obey her urge to run away when things get too real? And what happens to her dreams if she can’t stay the course?

The Head and Not The Heart - Novella and original Book One.

212 pages

Horses have always been Alex's obsession. Their presence has defined her life: all her choices, from her love-life to her career, have been made with horses as her priority. But the horse business isn't for the sentimental, and it's growing harder for her to tamp down her emotions and think about the horses with her head and not her heart.

When their racing stable suffers a loss, she and Alexander, her partner and teacher, slowly begin to fall apart. A chance find of a long-lost horse sends Alex alone to New York City, and she wonders if this is the sign she's been waiting for. Is it time to leave it all behind and start fresh?

From the green hills of Ocala, where horses graze beneath centuries-old live oaks, and the rhythmic sound of galloping hooves fills the foggy mornings, to the cracked pavement of New York City and the swirling cold winds of Aqueduct Racetrack, Alex finds herself in a whirlwind weekend that tests all of her convictions.

 Dealing with love, loss, and obsession - all the components of a life with horses - "The Head and Not The Heart" brings the world of racehorses and the people who love them to life.

Other People's Horses

 328 pages

"This is a horse story for grown-ups. The Black Stallion for adults." "Written by a horse person for horse people" "Enchanting and consuming." Six horses and Saratoga. It's a young trainer's dream come true, and it's happening for Alex at last: Alexander is entrusting the farm's racing string to her while he heads Down Under to help run his sick brother's farm. But Saratoga isn't interested in Alex without Alexander. Unproven and decidedly female in a man's world, Alex finds herself the target of old-school racetrackers certain she married her way into training good horses. At the same time, her naïve assistant, Kerri, is far too interested in the less-than-scrupulous trainer who shares their barn. But running a racing stable doesn't leave much time for petty fights and stable rivalries. Horses need to be worked, races need to be run. And Alex has her eye on something besides the winner's circle: a funny-faced filly, a chestnut nobody with a spotty blaze and a decided lack of brakes. Saratoga thinks the filly has a screw loose. But Alex knows better. From training track gossip to tack-room confidentials, OTHER PEOPLE'S HORSES continues the story of Alex and Alexander -- two Thoroughbred trainers trying to do that right thing -- that began in THE HEAD AND NOT THE HEART.

Claiming Christmas: A Horse Racing Novella (Alex and Alexander Series)

133 pages

All Alex wants for Christmas is a little peace and quiet. After all the drama of her summer in Saratoga, she's been taking it easy around the farm, enjoying the horses (and baiting Alexander). But a phone call from a local charity changes all that. When Alex meets Wendy, a young girl with a tragic past, she finds herself going to surprising lengths to brighten Wendy's life – and visiting some surprising places. A filly named Christmas, a horse-crazy kid, and a trainer who never thought much about holidays or children – Claiming Christmas celebrates the bond between horse and human, and between a trainer and student. (Please Note:In keeping with its racetrack theme, this book contains strong language).

Turning For Home 

348 pages

Every racehorse must one day retire from the track, and for Tiger, that day has arrived.

Alex isn't ready for Tiger's racing days to end, but planning his next career is quickly becoming the least of her problems. An animal rights group is accusing her of involvement in a horse-abuse scandal, and with death threats arriving daily, Alexander fears for her safety. Suddenly Tiger's not the only one heading back to the farm -- Alex is stuck at home, too, with strict orders to stay away from the racetrack.

Both horse and rider would rather be racing than hacking around the farm. A Thoroughbred makeover event seems like the perfect distraction, but as the activists ramp up their protests, Alex realizes she's competing for more than just a blue ribbon. She's fighting for her own reputation. This horse show could make -- or break -- her future in horse racing

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