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Buried by the Roan
Buried by the Roan

Buried by the Roan

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Author: Mark Stevens

Binding: Paperback

Fracking ruptures more than the earth. The spark for Buried by the Roan, the second novel in the Allison Coil Mystery Series, is a dead hunter on the shore of Oyster Lake, deep in the Flat Tops Wilderness. Josh Keating's demise could be a case of a hunter drinking too much and stumbling late at night. Or it could be something much worse. Plenty of other strange things are going on to make hunting guide Allison Coil think the death is no accident. Someone is lurking around, leaving odd notes and maps. Hunters and guides are turning up violently ill from drinking the Flat Tops water. Four of the buffalo on Keating's ranch are slaughtered. And there's word that Keating and his neighbor were tangled up in a property dispute triggered by a centuries-old Colorado law known as adverse possession. The future of the way of life in the rugged Colorado mountains is at stake. Allison picks up the killer's trail but it leads to the simple, wicked device that murdered her client.

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