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Circus School DVD  Part 2
Circus School DVD Part 2

Circus School DVD Part 2

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 Author: Bea Borelle

Trainer and rider Bea Borelle first experienced horses performing tricks when watching the circus. She has found that training a horse tricks is fun for both horse and trainer, and the lessons add interest to the horse's everyday life, which often doesn't offer much in the way of variety.

In the second part of her two-DVD series, Borelle demonstrates more challenging tricks, including work with different obstacles. As with her first DVD, her focus is tricks with a humorous turn, as well as some of the classics. Her pony, Ben, is the star of the show, presenting the steps to success as well as the end result.

Bea Borelle is trained in classical riding by Richard Hinrichs and her husband Philippe Karl. Her interest in preserving horses' emotional health during the training process led her to integrate trick training into her general training program. Her pony Ben is the darling of the German public and a star at countless events and expositions. Bea Borelle's trick training ("circus school") workshops and groundwork and riding clinics are very popular all over Europe.

 Format: DVD, run time 44 mins

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