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Discipleship with Horses (Gospel Horse Series Volume 3)
Discipleship with Horses (Gospel Horse Series Volume 3)

Discipleship with Horses (Gospel Horse Series Volume 3)

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Practical Guide to Using Obstacles, Exercises, and Simple Cues to Get the Results You Want

Author:Lynn Baber  

Discover the secrets of achieving a close connection and unbreakable bond with your horse. Lynn shares the concepts and exercises she uses to change untrained and special-needs horses into reliable confident partners.

  • Learn the nature and process of creating an amazing relationship with a horse. Presented in easy-to-understand concepts and exercises to create levels of communication and relationship with a horse most only dream of. You'll be able to connect the center of a round pen to the heart of a horse.  
  • Have you witnessed a connection between horse and rider that defies explanation? How can a child and her pony communicate without words?
  • Transformative relationship with a horse is possible if you know how to offer it and are committed to do what it takes. The parallel between relationship with a horse and our relationship with God follow similar paths. Christian author Lynn Baber ties the two together in inspiring and practical ways. 
  • Readers walk away with insights to increase communication with their horses and systematic exercises to practice at home. The unexpected bonus for those who create something new and rewarding with a horse find these new skills apply to most relationships - family, friends, co-workers, and God.

.Two Secrets to Success

The secrets of success are simplicity and commitment. Lynn Baber specialized in training stallions for years. As she says, the only way to get a stallion to offer his power and loyalty is to earn it. You can't fool God and you can't fool a horse. The most difficult skill to learn as an adult is simplicity. Horses know when you're bluffing and they know when you care and when you don't.

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