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Empowered Horses
Empowered Horses

Empowered Horses

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Author: Imke Spilker
 Pages: 208
 Illustrations: color photos

This  book challenges the "rules" of horsemanship in way you have never seen before! You'll discover how to preserve your horse's independence in a "human's world" by becoming more passive, receptive, and accepting, giving your horse the physical and emotional "space" to take an unbelievably active role in your interactions—both work and play. With your support, your horse will develop games and exercises that naturally balance and collect his body, as if by magic. In addition, he will enthusiastically "work with" and "carry" you— "inviting" you along for the ride of your life.

The key to this dramatic reconsideration of the human-horse relationship is how inner balance finds outer expression in the body. Whether human or horse, feelings, posture, and movement are inextricably linked. With the ability to "tap into" this language—as explained in the pages of this book—you can leave behind the demands, commands, and cues you once relied on, and instead discover an unbelievable realm of sophisticated and mutually beneficial symbiosis.

IMKE SPILKER is a linguist who studied language sciences at Heidelberg in Germany. Always in search of the truth of the horse behind the great words of human beings, she has immersed herself in the works of the old masters of equitation. Fifteen years ago, Spilker found four-legged teachers who answered many of her questions—under saddle and in the pasture. With these horses she founded the Communicative Horses Project. In this project, horses have their say. The horses learn to "whisper" to human beings, while humans learn how to listen to their horses and come into a true conversation with them. This book, Empowered Horses, evolved from work of the Communicative Horses Project. 

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