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Equine Arena Handbook
Equine Arena Handbook

Equine Arena Handbook

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Author: Robert Malmgren


Build, improve and maintain a user-friendly horseback riding arena!

Save thousands of dollars and prevent injury to your horses! Buy this book and build your equine arena or running surface correctly from the start! Whether you are training your horse in dressage, hunter/jumper, reining, barrel racing, flat racing, roping or any other equine performance event, the surface you ride on can make or break your horse’s performance and soundness. This popular horse book has been revised and updated in 2010. The Equine Arena Handbook includes new information on water use and conservation, turf fields, and racetrack surfaces. This addition to our horse book line is a “must have” for anyone in charge of building or maintaining an equine facility or looking for the best horse property to purchase.



•   Soil characteristics, amendments, and testing

•   how to create a good base and maintain safe footing for horses

•   the importance of controlling dust and manure in an equine arena

•   how to construct your equine arena with proper drainage

•   things to look at when purchasing land for an arena

•   considerations for turf fields and turf and/or dirt race tracks


Robert Malmgren has served as a field soil scientist and consultant for more than 45 years. He has worked as a soils consultant on equine arenas, racetracks, polo fields, golf courses, athletic fields and more. He carried out investigations on the use and management of equine arena facilities and their relationship to dust and hardness problems at Colorado State University. He earned his degree in Soil Science from the University of Wisconsin.



• A New Challenge for the Horse Industry

• Soil Essentials                                  • Equine Arena Floor Basics

• Sand                                                 • Dirt

• Turf or Grass Surfaces                    • Equine Arena Condition

• Your Water Resource                      • Hardness

• Outdoor vs. Indoor Arenas               • Equine Arena Maintenance

• The Holistic Approach                      • Footing Amendments

• Manure Management                        • Horse Tracks and Fields

• Purchasing Land for Equine Facilities


Trade paperback, 6 x 9, 160 pages, b&w illustrations, tables, glossary, bibliography, references, index

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