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Equine Levering
Equine Levering

Equine Levering

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Author: Ross Brunt

Develop 'an eye for a horse'. Applying Levering to the Racehorse. Full color version.

The book explains: the technicalities of how conformation levering applies to the racehorse; the rules that determine levering traits, & the unique levering traits of varied racehorse types such as sprinters, stayers, jumpers etc. Furthermore it discusses how levering relates to ability, distance gearing, yearling selection, traditional conformation, performance, breeding, stride length/type, racing conditions, etc..

With the many contradictions involved with the standard text book conformation, the author has set about researching many facets of equine conformation from scratch. This has been accomplished with software specifically developed for the purpose of not only identifying desired traits, but further analyzing the not so perfect traits, that often provide hidden benefits. The book is not about Veterinary, straight conformation, or the classic textbook show horse.

Quote from racing magazine "Ross Brunt's take on conformation is like a breath of fresh air. Sometimes controversial, but never bland, his articles in 'Breeding & Racing' are among the most popular & well received. Capable of cutting through hyperbole to simple mechanics in layman's terms, Brunt has combined his years of analysis to produce an excellent publication." - Breeding&Racing magazine.

Includes detailed chapters on & references to barrel racers & endurance horses.

Lots of photos help the learning process.

Chapters initially written as stand alone articles, so some information will cross. FULL COLOR VERSION.


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