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Gypsy Blood (The Gypsy Magic Trilogy Book 3)
Gypsy Blood (The Gypsy Magic Trilogy Book 3)

Gypsy Blood (The Gypsy Magic Trilogy Book 3)

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Author: Tonya Royston 

Gracyn would like nothing more than to return to her old life, one that was boring, but also safe. Instead, she begins to sink deeper into the mystery surrounding the murder of a young girl while defending herself against an evil witch.

Gracyn’s attempt to carry on with school as usual is quickly derailed by Marguerite’s threats. When her car slides off the road one morning, she realizes Marguerite isn’t playing around. Not sure where to turn, Gracyn feels lost and alone until Lucian steps in, teaching her how to harness her energy and use magic to defeat Marguerite. If only it was that easy.

Putting her faith in Lucian, Gracyn trusts him to help her find her inner strength. But her world is turned upside down when she uncovers new evidence in the murder case, leading her to question his innocence. After refusing to heed the warnings about him, she starts to wonder if she’ll be the next victim and resolves to fight for the truth, no matter what that might be.

Paperback: 312 pages
Size: 6 x  9 inches 

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