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He Came Looking for Me (Gospel Horse Series Volume 2)
He Came Looking for Me (Gospel Horse Series Volume 2)

He Came Looking for Me (Gospel Horse Series Volume 2)

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Author: Lynn Baber

A true story of hope and redemption

Experience this compelling and uplifting story of a real horse in desperate need of rescue - and how God delivered it in the nick of time. Co-written by best-selling author and champion horse professional and Shiner, her beloved Appaloosa. How much does God really care about you? Have you ever felt hopeless, that your circumstances were too bleak to ever improve? No matter what you fear, there is no bottomless pit. There is a bottom and there is also hope. Always. What do the story of an unwanted horse and the promise of a mansion in heaven have in common? Both prove that hope rests on a firm foundation - even when you can't see it. God sent the author and her husband to find two horses - by name - almost nine years after they were sold as youngsters. With the downturn in the economy they didn't need any more horses and had no idea where to find these two horses. But when God gives direct instruction the best course of action is to get busy. After a series of events only possible by the direct act of God, Shiner and Ace were found. They were hopeless. They had given up. They needed rescue and time was running out. Shiner and Ace must have felt the same way Black Beauty did, waiting at the auction for the end to come. Sometimes death seems preferable to life when each day is just too hard and you've run out of options. But Black Beauty was rescued and found his way home, never to be sold again. So did Shiner and Ace. Black Beauty is a fictional horse while Shiner and Ace are brothers, real horses born a week apart and never separated. Would you like to hear Shiner's side of the story? Let him tell you what it's like to discover that deliverance will come when God knows your name. He promised. The promise is true.

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