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Klaus Balkenhol
Klaus Balkenhol

Klaus Balkenhol

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Author: Britta Schoffmann

Klaus Balkenhol was an Olympic–level, award–winning rider long before he trained the likes of international dressage star Nadine Cappellman and assumed the role of Chef d’Equipe of the US Dressage Team. Have you ever wondered about the secrets behind the man? Have you perhaps dreamed of the chance not only to ride with him, but to discover how his horse training theories—and equestrian–centered life—developed over time?

Britta Schoffman, a Grand Prix rider and student of Balkenhol, has provided readers a biography of her trainer’s personal life and meteoric rise to the top of the equestrian world, as well as a practical training manual for riders of all levels. Alongside anecdotes of his childhood, his riding education, and some of his most famous horses, Balkenhol discusses:

•Training according to classical principles
•Errant trends in competitive dressage vs. classical technique
•Choosing the right dressage horse
• Instilling trust in young horses
•Working horses without stress
•Employing the Training Scale in daily practice
•Tips for schooling Grand Prix movements

 Format: Hardcover
 Pages: 160
 Illustrations: 175 color photos

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