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Lead a Horse to Murder
Lead a Horse to Murder By Cynthia Baxter

Lead a Horse to Murder

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Author: Cynthia Baxter

A Reigning Cats and Dogs Mystery

Paperback 368 pgs

When it comes to sleuthing, she’s not horsing around…

Murder gallops after Jessie when an emergency call sends the traveling vet to a posh Long Island estate with her one-eyed Dalmatian, Lou, and her tailless Westie, Max. A prized Arabian steed needs minor medical care–but it’s the rider who grabs Jess’s attention. The handsome young horseman exudes plenty of animal magnetism as he canters across the field…and then takes an inexplicable, fatal fall.

The dead man was one of the finest polo players in the world, but it was no accident that killed him. The culprit was poison. And as Jess soon discovers, a number of people had the means, motive, and opportunity for foul play, from the hostile barn manager to the businessman’s disgruntled wife. But Jess will have to temper her feline instinct with good old-fashioned horse sense if she’s going to stop a killer from leading a certain sleuth to her death.

About Cynthia Baxter
She is the author of several mysteries, including Crossing the Lion, Murder Had a Little Lamb, and Monkey See, Monkey Die. 

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