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Lost & Found: Kovak & Quaid Horse Mystery Series (Book 5)
Lost & Found: Kovak & Quaid Horse Mystery Series (Book 5)

Lost & Found: Kovak & Quaid Horse Mystery Series (Book 5)

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Author:  Toni Leland

Arabian horse breeder Shareen Van Khoten is missing! Ex-cop Kim Kovak fears it may have something to do with her friend’s obsessive hunt for her beloved stolen mares. 

Kim’s partner, fraud investigator Garrett Quaid, has a different fear. If Shareen’s disappearance is related to the lost horses, it’s possible that Charles Léon, head of an international horse theft ring, is involved. Worse, if Kim tries to rescue her friend, she could end up back in Léon’s deadly crosshairs. 

Resolved to find her friend, Kim goes to Arizona to talk to Shareen’s devoted husband, Albert. But he is acting oddly, and Kim’s cop radar has her wondering why. She comes away from the visit with more questions than answers – and an even greater urgency to find Shareen.
Upside, Garrett is coming to lend a hand. 

Downside, when Garret returns home from Arizona, he’s sidetracked by an insurance claim on several dead pasture horses. The routine farm visit takes a grisly turn and Garrett finds himself neck deep in yet another twisted mystery.
Between Garrett’s case and Kim’s quest, they really need help! The cavalry appears in the form of good friends, an old buddy, and an unusual new associate. Shocking finds, explosive violence, betrayals, feuds, and revelations – so many things both Lost and Found. 

Business as usual for Kovak and Quaid.

Paperback: 234 pages
Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches 

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