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Natalie Keller Reinert Sampler Set
Natalie Keller Reinert Sampler Set

Natalie Keller Reinert Sampler Set

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This Five Book set contains the first book from each of the Series from award-winning author Natalie Keller Reinert, 

A wondeful way to explore 5 great series at a tidy discount.    

Author: Natalie Keller Reinert

Paperbacks  Size: 5.25 x 8 inches and 6 x  9 inches

The set  includes:

Bold : Eventing Series Prequel
Runaway Alex: Alex & Alexander Series Prequel  
Sunset at Catoctin Creek:  Book 1 Catoctin Creek Series
Show Barn Blues:  Book 1 Show Barn Blues Series
Grabbing Mane:  Book 1 Grabbing Mane Series

Here are the details of each book in the series: 

Bold: The Eventing Series: A Prequel 

106 pages

Jules knows she can make it on her own. Eager to put distance between her childhood as a working student and her future as a pro event rider, she's putting the finishing touches on her very own farm. All she needs now is a start with a little income. Before all the bills come due.

Counting on her skill as a rider to land her a job with a top eventing barn and earn some much-needed cash, Jules pits everything on a single horse trials. But when she displays more grit and determination than skill and analysis, her hopes for a quick paycheck come crashing down.

Is Jules simply not ready for the big time? Or is the big time not ready for Jules?

This prequel novella shines a new light on Jules Thornton, the prickly heroine of The Eventing Series! If you love horses, eventing, or stories featuring strong women, you'll love The Eventing Series. Gallop along with Jules -- with seven books and counting, there's plenty of reading to keep you up all night.

Runaway Alex (Alex and Alexander Prequel)

359 pages

An All-New Beginning for a Beloved Series

Horse racing isn’t for nice girls like Alex. She’s been told again and again: stick to horse shows, stick to riding lessons, stick to the relative safety of the suburban equestrian center where she has been a working student since grade school.

But Alex can’t shake the conviction that the Thoroughbred life is her destiny.

When her unstable trainer cuts her off from horses, Alex finally has to obey her instinct to run away from the safe version of life. She heads to Ocala, where horse racing is king, with no plan and no leads on jobs. When she meets handsome, successful racehorse trainer Alexander White, she feels an instant connection with him. Could this be her dream come true?

Falling for Alexander and learning to stay on young racehorses all at once: that’s risky business. But it’s a risk Alex is willing to take — until a storm of emotion threatens to founder her new life. Nothing at Alexander’s gorgeous Thoroughbred farm is as simple as it seems, and she’s not the only one lining up for Alexander’s affection — or his horses.

How many times will Alex obey her urge to run away when things get too real? And what happens to her dreams if she can’t stay the course?

Sunset at Catoctin Creek (Catoctin Creek - Book 1)

367 pages

Sparks fly when opposites attract in this sweet country romance!

Rosemary is content with her life in the sleepy Maryland backwater of Catoctin Creek. Sure, things can be lonely for a woman all alone on a farm, but she has her horses, the elderly neighbors she’s known her entire life, and her best friend Nikki, who is always happy to drop by with take-out from the Blue Plate Diner and the latest town gossip. If nothing in her life ever changes again, Rosemary will be perfectly happy.

Then, Rosemary met Stephen.

Stephen isn’t sure what he finds more upsetting about Catoctin Creek: the heavy country silence or the pitch-black nights. A trip that began as a quick visit to his ailing father has turned into a long-term nightmare with no end in sight.  His glittering life back in Manhattan is calling his name, but, unfortunately, his phone isn’t ringing with any job offers. If he can’t finagle a deal that puts him back on the map with his old investment pals, Stephen is going to lose his mind.

Then, Stephen met Rosemary.

When Stephen lands on a plan to get back to New York, he can’t see any downsides to the deal. But all Rosemary sees is the end of her peaceful country life and hard-won happiness. She can’t see why he won’t leave well enough alone — and he can’t understand how anyone could be happy in this slow, small town. How can these two opposites learn to see the good in each other’s lives…and build a love that lasts?

For fans of cozy romance and small-town settings, Sunset in Catoctin Creek invites you to put your feet up, sip a comforting hot drink, and enjoy a satisfying happy-ever-after love story.

Grabbing Mane - Book 1 of Grabbing Mane Series

362 pages

"Buy a horse, they said. It will be fun, they said."

Casey Halbach's life was perfectly on track. She had it all: good friends, loving boyfriend, decent job with her very own cubicle.

Then, she met Sky. Riding instructor, barn manager, and whirlwind of energy, Sky effortlessly launches Casey back into the saddle. After fifteen years behind a desk, Casey was a little rusty... but the more time she spends at the stable, the more she never wants to leave.

Friends are confused, the boyfriend is concerned, and Casey is conflicted -- but when she decides to take the plunge and buy a horse of her own, she realizes that she was just dabbling in the shallow end before. Now, Casey's pretty sure she's in over her head, but the crazy thing is: 

She thinks she likes it this way.

Can anyone balance life, work, and horses? Casey's going to give it a try. Indeed, she's pretty sure she doesn't have a choice.

For anyone who has ever loved a horse, dreamed about their very own pony, or simply clock-watched their way through another boring day at the office, Grabbing Mane is our story. Testing the boundaries of who we think we are, adjusting to strange new realities, and (hopefully) bringing our partners along for the ride: balancing real life, and equestrian life, isn't easy.

Grabbing Mane is Book One in a new series about adult amateur equestrian life, from award-winning author Natalie Keller Reinert.

Show Barn Blues (Show Barn Blues Book 1)

 348 pages

Grace has built her life on show horses. It's been a good life, too -- she mounts her wealthy students on European warmbloods, competes her horses on Florida's rigorous A-circuit, and runs the nicest barn in the neighborhood. Then, suddenly, it's the only barn in the neighborhood.

As Grace's country town becomes a sun-drenched playground of pools and golf courses, she vows that no bulldozer will ever touch her farm. With her neighbors selling their farms and moving to more isolated corners of Florida, she finds herself fighting off land-hungry developers alone -- until Kennedy comes along.

Kennedy is everything Grace doesn't want around her bustling show barn -- a pleasure rider who would rather wander in the woods than tackle a show-jumping course. Kennedy might make for an unlikely sidekick, but she's just the inspiration Grace needs to fight back against the developers who want to bulldoze her corner of Floridian wilderness -- and, eventually, against the wilderness itself.

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