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Rider & Horse Back to Back (DVD)
Rider & Horse Back to Back (DVD)

Rider & Horse Back to Back (DVD)

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Part Number:Rider & Horse Back to Back (DVD)
 Author: Susanne von Dietze
In this DVD, von Dietze explores how the back is at the heart of every movement of the rider on horseback, and yet it is too often a weak point for a living being who spends most of his or her time sitting down. She provides more than 50 practical exercises, both in the arena and on the longe line, for back-friendly training.

The DVD also offers many practical tips to improve feel while moving your own back in a better way. You┬╣ll discover how to work around your body's weaknesses and use positive training to prevent straining, invaluable knowledge for every rider and trainer.

 Format: DVD

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