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Success Through Cavaletti-Training - DVD
Success Through Cavaletti-Training - DVD

Success Through Cavaletti-Training - DVD

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Author: Ingrid Klimke
Format: DVD: run time 84 mins.

Cavalletti work is a refreshing change to the daily training routine for horses and riders. Working with cavalletti strengthens muscles and improves the basic gaits. It enhances a horse’s natural movement by developing rhythm, power, expression, and cadence through engaged steps over obstacles. Riding over cavalletti helps train horses to assess distances that in turn enhance coordination and balance, and when the level of difficulty is increased systematically, horses’ reactions and skills improve significantly. In addition, cavalletti work trains riders’ seats, gives them better feeling for the horse, and teaches them to see a stride for jumping. This film, featuring Olympic dressage stallion Damon Hill as a young horse, shows everything you need to know to add cavalletti work to your schooling routine:
• Cavalletti work in walk and trot on the lunge line
•Ridden at walk, trot, and canter on a straight line and on a circle
•Exercises appropriate for young as well as experienced horses
•Gymnastic jumping exercises


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