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Tale of the Western Plains, A
Tale of the Western Plains, A

Tale of the Western Plains, A

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Author: G. A. Henty
Pages: 352 

Reprint of the Blackie & Son, Ltd., Glasgow, 1891 edition.  G. A. Henty had a wonderful talent for combining history and fiction for children. In this thrilling adventure story, he transports young readers back to the early days of the American frontier with a narrative that's as educational as it is exciting. His rip-roaring story follows the exploits of Hugh Tunstall, a young English lad who leaves England for Texas, where he experiences, firsthand, the lawlessness of the Far West. Facing the challenges of life in an untamed wilderness, Hugh finds work on a cattle ranch, encounters hostile Indians, and chases kidnappers. The absorbing narrative also offers authentic accounts of mining camps, lumberjacking, cattle ranching, and trapping, with some riveting scenes of gunfights, wildfires, horse races, roundups, and daring rescues thrown in for good measure.

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