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The Charity (The Jessica Trilogy Book 1)
The Charity (The Jessica Trilogy Book 1)

The Charity (The Jessica Trilogy Book 1)

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by Connie Johnson Hambley 

In trying to clear her name of murder and regain her family's reputation, Jessica Wyeth's actions unwittingly threaten to expose the business behind the money of a U.S. based terrorist cell.

Jessica was born with traits she just could not hide – beauty, cunning, and innate skills to survive. She is blocked from taking her rightful position in the lucrative family business of high stakes horse racing by her farm’s manager and top trainer, Gus Adams. When Gus is found brutally murdered, all evidence points to Jessica. Terrified, she runs and becomes a master at hiding in plain view.

The process of building a new life around an assumed identity is derailed when she is recognized by the organization that destroyed her family. This time, instead of running away, she heads back to Boston, racing against time to find answers. Her search for the truth uncovers the cold reality that the Charity will stop at nothing to succeed in its mission.

Set in the rolling hills of Kentucky and the streets of Boston, "The Charity" exposes that Jessica is not the only one hidden in the daylight.

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