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The Oldenburg Horse
The Oldenburg Horse

The Oldenburg Horse

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Author: J. Schuessler 

Paperback, 5.8 x 8.3 inches, 120 pages

"Owing to the ever increasing estimation in which the Oldenburg horse is, held in the markets of the world, a large number of enquiries have been received concerning the manner in which it is bred and reared. For this reason, it seems justifiable to write a small book, compiled from original manuscripts and other authentic sources, (at the same time leaving out anything that does not fully bear on the subject in hand), to enable the horse breeders, who live outside our blue and red boundary-posts, to form some idea as to the origin of the race and also the circumstances under which the Oldenburg horse lives; as well as to give the desired information, in condensed form, as to situation, kind of soil and agricultural conditions of the neighborhood in which this horse is bred. In the first place, the Oldenburg was the original breed that brought the German coach horse into notice abroad. Unfortunately sometimes to the detriment of its name and also that of its breeders." [...]

 J. Schüssler, Secretary of the Oldenburg Horse Breeding Society, compiles a comprehensive handbook about the Oldenburg Horse. He describes the history of the breed and its characteristics, but also refers to the organization and regulations of the breeding society. 

Contains 56 illustrations. Reprint of the 1914 edition.

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