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The Perfect Start: Under Saddle with Kalley Krickeberg - DVD Set
The Perfect Start: Under Saddle with Kalley Krickeberg - DVD Set

The Perfect Start: Under Saddle with Kalley Krickeberg - DVD Set

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Author: Kalley Krickeberg

5 discs. Runtime: 6 hours

Designed as a young and developing horse curriculum, this DVD can be used for colt starting, under saddle re-education or under saddle systems check with a new horse. Like all of Kalley's DVDs, it is shot in her signature Trainer's Eye View format that gives you fly-on-the-wall perspective to how a horse's education is built feel by feel.

For young horses and those that undertake their training, the under saddle training process is one of the most exciting, challenging and formative times of their lives, with rewards or ramifications that can last a lifetime. With this multi-part educational DVD, master young horse developer Kalley Krickeberg provides you with Part Two of an ingenious two-part groundwork-riding foundation process designed to accentuate and build upon the sensitive nature and rapid learning capacity of the young or developing horse.

Krickebergs Educated Young Horse: On The Ground curriculum, which comprises Part One of her two-part colt starting process, only takes 30 days to complete, but results in a more mentally mature horse who moves more rapidly and safely through the under saddle process when the time comes. The preparatory skills Kalley illuminated in The Educated Young Horse: On the Ground are called upon, and built upon, in Perfect Start. This expansive DVD features detailed lessons on teaching the young horse to respect and respond to pressure, guiding from ground level while wearing the saddle, guiding from above from a saddle horse or off a fence, guiding from behind with ground driving lines that simulate the angle of rein pressure and finally guiding from the saddle itself during those critical first rides a young horse will experience. You'll see Kalley navigate a young horse through its own Perfect Start in its first five days under saddle and see how the positive patterns cultivated under saddle give the young or developing horse an educational advantage in becoming a better learner day after day.

Also ideal for owners with horses already going under saddle, this video will help you fill in gaps in your horse's education with regards to steering, rating, stopping and communicating to the feet. You'll learn how to orchestrate pre-ride groundwork sessions, how to be more aware of how your horse's habits on the ground translate into the saddle and how to achieve better bit, rein and leg response under saddle.

This 6 Hour Long DVD Set Includes:
?Guiding From the Ground: In a Bareback Pad
?Guiding From Behind: Ground Driving
?Guiding From Above: With a Saddle Horse
?Guiding From Above: Off a Fence
?Getting On
?Guiding From the Saddle: Moving the Feet
?Checking Out Acceptance of the Saddle
?Obstacles on the Ground
?In the Saddle: Focusing on Go and Whoa
?In The Saddle: Body Control
?In the Saddle: Obstacles
?In The Roundpen: Working on Transitions
?Riding in a Larger Enclosure
?Consistency: Warm Up in the Roundpen
?Larger Enclosure: Building Accuracy and Precision
?Outside: Path Work
?Outside: Introduction to the Arena
?Warm Up in the Roundpen
?Introducing the Bit
?Obstacle Course
?Reflections on The First Ride


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