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The Rider’s Pain-Free Back Book—New Edition
The Rider’s Pain-Free Back Book—New Edition

The Rider’s Pain-Free Back Book—New Edition

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Author James Warson, MD with Ami Hendrickson

Format: Paperback   Page Count: 192

Overcome Chronic Soreness, Injury and Aging, and Stay in the Saddle for Years to Come

Dr. James Warson—a neurosurgeon and lifelong horseman—says that over 90 percent of the population seeks help for back pain at one point or another during the course of life. If you’re a horseperson, back pain is of particular concern since everything you do on and around horses demands a supple, strong, healthy back: riding itself, grooming, tacking up, stacking hay bales, even pushing a wheelbarrow. This book provides all the practical information needed to understand the diagnosis, treatment, and pain management related to a rider’s back problems, whether they are inherited, or caused by riding, trauma, illness, posture, pregnancy, or aging. Dr. Warson breaks down the physics of movement and explains how combining two separate bodies—human and horse—creates additional sources of potential back strain and injury. Traditional and alternative treatments are discussed, and Dr. Warson includes step-by-step instructions for a do-it-yourself physical therapy plan that will not only help those already dealing with back pain, but more importantly, promises to improve rider flexibility and strength, preventing the onset of a problem. This new paperback edition features updates throughout, including a special section on riding after hip and knee replacement surgery.

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