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To the Nines A Practical Guide to Turnout for Dressage, Hunter-Jumper and Eventing
To the Nines

To the Nines A Practical Guide to Turnout for Dressage, Hunter-Jumper and Eventing

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Author: Jennifer Chong
Streamline and polish your presentation, or learn the nuances of competition when crossing disciplines. This book is filled with competitors' secret formulas, tips, and techniques to help you look fresh and organized when exhibiting. Perfect for instructors and clubs as well as individual exhibitors.
Chong, a former Pony Clubber, saw the need for a practical "everything but the riding" guide to preparing for competition. She has been a working student at eventing and dressage barns in California, the East Coast and Germany, and rides in U.S. Equestrian Federation, U.S. Eventing Association, and U.S. Dressage Federation recognized competitions.


The Rider

Selection of Attire

Schooling Apparel, Hats and Helmets, Competition Attire

Finishing Off the Look

A Stick-y Situation: Artificial Aids, Boots, Jewelry, Hair,

Keeping the Look Fresh

Keeping Clean, Keeping Cool, Ladies Only, Barn Clothes

The Horse

Your Spick-and-Span Horse

Grooming, Methods of Restraint, Bathing,

Troubleshooting and Spot Cleaning

Hooves, White Markings, Clipping, Coat Problems, Sheath and  Udders, Chesnuts, Show Ring Shine

Coat and Mane Treatments

Trimming, Mane Pulling, Braiding, Clipping, Don't Bug Me! Dealing with Insects

The Tack

Selection of Equipment

Quality, Style, Buying Used Tack
Care of Tack

Why Care for Tack, Everyday Cleaning, Special Occasion Tack Care,
Complete Cleaning and Conditioning, Agh! It's Alive: Neglected Tack,
Tack Storage, Tack Repair, or "My Hero, the Shoe Repair Guy"
The Show

Prepare to Compete

The Paper Chase, Chef D'Equipe, Labeling, The Traveling Horse,

Stall and Barn Setup, Studs, Countdown!, Ice and Poultice Treatments,
Final Words

Helpful Lists

Competition Checklists

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