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Western Training; Beyond the Basics
Western Training; Beyond the Basics

Western Training; Beyond the Basics

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Part Number:Western Training; Beyond the Basics

Author: Laurie Truskauskas
Teach your horse to neck rein, cross over, spin, make sliding stops, lope circles and much more. Finish your western horse for pleasure, trail, ranch work, or novice reining. Learn how a horse thinks and how to use that understanding to your advantage when training. Easy step at a time lesson plan.
 Experienced equestrian and trainer Laurie Truskauskas Knott shows you how to teach your horse to back up, slide to a stop or turn around beautifully. She also explains conformation, scoring, and much more! Perfect for all riders from beginner to advanced, this book is full of tricks and tips that could only come from years of experience training horses. She gives her readers great advice on how to think like a horse, anticipate their horses' movements, and teach their horses to become graceful, dependable companions.
Laurie Truskauskas Knott trains and shows Quarter Horses and Paints. She apprenticed under noted trainer Joe Ferro. 




Chapter 1. Evaluating Conformation and Trainability

Chapter 2. Training One Step at a Time

Chapter 3. Ground Training

Chapter 4. Bits and Curb Chains

Chapter 5. Teaching Your Horse to Accept Bit Pressure

Chapter 6. Teaching Your Horse to Be Light

Chapter 7. Teaching Your Horse to Follow His Nose

Chapter 8. Moving From Leg Pressure

Chapter 9. Lifting a Shoulder

Chapter 10. Using the Serpentine to Add Precision

Chapter 11. Teaching Leads and Lope Departures

Chapter 12. Teaching Circles and Speed Control

Chapter 13. Collecting the Horse

Chapter 14. Making Smooth Lead Changes

Chapter 15. Teaching Your Horse to Spin

Chapter 16. Teaching Your Horse to Roll Back

Chapter 17. Teaching Your Horse to Slide to a Stop
Chapter 18. Using and Refining the Aids

Chapter 19. Correcting Bad Habits

Chapter 20. How Reining Horses Are Scored
Appendix Fourteen Tips for Successful Training
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