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Where Does My Horse Hurt?
Where Does My Horse Hurt?

Where Does My Horse Hurt?

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A Hands-On Guide to Evaluating Pain and Dysfunction Using Chiropractic Methods

 Author: Renee Tucker, DVM
 Format: Hardcover Spiral
 Pages: 184
 Illustrations: 107 color photos, 30 diagrams

 Introducing 27 simple body checkups you can do on your horse — Where Does My Horse Hurt? is a do-it-yourself method for determining when and where your horse hurts. With this easy-to-follow book, conveniently spiral-bound so you can lay it open on your tack trunk and follow the instructions as you work on your horse you will:
•Become familiar with your horse's normal range of movement so you can prevent minor issues from becoming major.
•Stay in tune with areas of temporary or chronic discomfort so you can offer relief as needed.
•Solve "mystery" or "phantom" lamenesses that come and go seemingly without reason.
•Save thousands of dollars by avoiding expensive diagnostics that rarely get you answers.
•Learn how to discuss potential problem areas with farriers, veterinarians, and bodyworkers.
•Keep your horse actively and happily "in work" for more months of the year, and more years of his life.

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