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Winning Ways
Winning Ways

Winning Ways

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Author: Toni Leland

 In the risky world of showing high-ticket Arabian Horses, two professionals-with a great deal to lose-find out the hard way.

Young veterinarian, Liz Barnett, has moved her equine practice from Kentucky to rural California, excited by the chance to partner with an established clinic, as well as show her beautiful Arabian horses. She soon finds that she's living in an area by-passed by time and progress, as she butts heads with stubborn old ranchers who want nothing to do with a young female vet.

Hunky horse trainer, Kurt DeVallio, has spent the past ten years struggling with the deaths of his wife and infant son, and a horse-drugging frame-up that destroyed his professional career. His tunnel vision for finding a way to clear his name, and be "his own man" again, has thrown him into the midst of greedy folks who'll try to win at any cost.

When circumstances force these two together, they learn that winning can have many meanings.


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